A Tonal Shift is abnormal tone (or tension) in the spinal cord and nervous system.  A Tonal shift effects the brain and nerves’ ability to  function and communicate, which ultimately adversely effects every body system.  When a Tonal Shift is present it obstructs the function of the spinal nerves, spinal cord and most importantly the brain. Altered function or obstruction to the nervous system that leads to dysfunction, Secondary Conditions (also called "symptoms") and dis-ease in the body.

At Flower of Life Chiropractic we address the cause of the Tonal Shift and through NeuroSpinal Correction, the spine is realigned so the nervous system will be clear any obstructions. This allows the body to communicate properly and adapt to daily stress. With a nervous system free from obstruction the potentials and possibilities of your life are endless. 

Normal Tone or Tension in the body Image displaying good tug of war.
Normal Tone
Abnormal Tone or Tension in the body can be corrected through our care.
Abnormal Tone