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Meet Our Family


We have made it our mission to empower people to take control of their health and be inspired by the fact that their body is designed to be healthy and thrive. Through breath, awareness, and movement the nervous system is able to release patterns of tension that have been locked into the body due to varied stressors that have occurred and accumulated over a lifetime.  We provide support to families to allow them to live happier and healthier lives. We welcome you to join our family, so that we can help yours. 



Dr. Erin O’Daniel

Hello! I am Dr. Erin. I knew from a young age that I not only loved to learn, but I loved to teach!  It was when I visited a chiropractor as a child, that I knew I didn’t have to choose, I could combine learning and teaching about the body with chiropractic. I attended Chiropractic School at Life University where I met my husband, Dr. James. After graduation, we moved to New York City to begin our own practice, working not only to help encourage healing in our member’s bodies, but teaching hundreds of moms, children, and families about health, healing, and what it’s like to truly feel well. It is my mission to work with individuals to align their body, mind and soul. When not at the practice, I enjoy hiking, traveling, paddle boarding, rock climbing, reading, and snuggling our 2 dogs. 

Dr. James Cardo

Hi, I’m Dr. James. As the youngest of 7 children, I have had the blessing of watching my family grow. As a young child watching my siblings from the sidelines, it has always been my passion to see others thrive. I grew up marveling God’s creations and imagining what we, collectively, are truly capable of being. It is my joy to work alongside people who are genuinely seeking to become an amazing version of themselves. Using my background in psychology, nutrition, and exercise science, I am able to envision entire beings and address concerns from many different angles. I believe humans are amazing beings, capable of phenomenal things with just a little guidance. When not in the practice, I am usually training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, going on adventures, or in the middle of reading 4+ books.


Dr. Jamie Milchanowski


Hi, I’m Dr. Jamie! My chiropractic journey started when I was just 3 days old. Receiving weekly adjustments my entire life allowed me to excel as a competitive gymnast, stay balanced, be healthy, have a vibrant pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby boy.  I am blessed to be a chiropractor and provide this care back to our members. 


My mission is to educate and empower people to connect to their bodies. Through gentle chiropractic adjustments I remove layers of stored tension allowing your body’s nervous system and other systems of communication to connect, heal and function at their fullest expression.  After my own pregnancy, I have found my purpose in adjusting pregnant people so they can have the best possible pregnancy and birth.  When I am not in the office, I love to hike, camp, climb, travel, and go to the beach with family and friends.

Dr. Madelyn Cooper

Hi, I’m Dr. Madi!  It is my joy to passionately serve as a chiropractor for spines of all kinds. I graduated from Life University in 2016 and went on to receive my Veterinary Chiropractic License from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA). I am currently a mobile chiropractor, spending my time traveling up and down the east coast providing gentle, neurologically based adjustments to people and their horses/ dogs/ llamas/ chickens etc. I believe every spine I encounter should be checked for optimal central nervous system function. I am so excited to make Flower of Life Chiropractic a stop along my journey and adjust you and your family! When I am not adjusting, you can find me at the barn with my dog Dani riding my two horses Cooper and Tux.


Dr. Laura Roos

Hi, I’m Dr. Laura! My introduction to the health and wellness field started in the food industry. I initially thought I would pursue a Masters in Food Science but decided to take the leap and apply to chiropractic school - an avenue of health that I had always been curious about. Three short months later I moved to New York and started classes where I finally felt like I was connecting with the work I was doing. Shortly into my chiropractic journey, I realized the deep potential it unlocks in us. With over 10 years in practice, my mission has always been to meet members where they’re at and discover together all that chiropractic can offer them. I believe that every body is different and every body deserves to heal and function at its very best. When I’m not at the practice, you can find me cooking, baking, reading, traveling, and hanging out with my husband and our mini dachshund, Dexter. 


Hello, I'm Jessanya, I am FOLCs Wellness Advocate! I am dedicated to promoting holistic health, empowering individuals to thrive, and I am here to assist you in anything that you may need during your healing journey. My journey began with the captivating world of dance, which sparked my passion for movement and exploring the wonders of the human body. Over time, I've obtained certifications in both yoga and Mat Pilates, enabling me to share the incredible transformative power of yoga as a way of life across Central America and Europe.

I'm the creator of PALOGA, a comprehensive practice that combines the art of mindful movement, breathwork, and mindfulness to strengthen both the body and mind. During my leisure time, you'll often find me walking barefoot in nature, feeling an indescribable connection and support from Mother Earth as I joyfully dance with the unknown wonders of the universe.

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