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Bringing Vitality Into Your Home

We were honored to host a booth at the Expecting Parent and Baby Expo in Brooklyn, New York. We could not have been happier to be a part of this event and had the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people who were in attendance.

Our goal is to bring greater awareness to the community about how chiropractic can be a resource to increase the overall expression of life and vitality in every home. Chiropractic is for the whole family, and all stages of life. We specialize in maternity and pediatrics, however we have something to offer for all the members of the household. We provide care that increases the health, wellness and well-being of our clients so that they can live the life they love.

The body is a self-healing, self-regulating, and dynamic system performing countless of infinitesimal actions during the course of our day. Our bodies are meant to be healthy, vibrant and in dynamic motion. The nervous system is the master system of the body, and through clear channels of communication we perform all of these processes that keep our body, healthy and free of dis-ease. We assist in restoring balance to the nervous system, allowing for proper growth, development and adaption. Living a life of ease, free of tension, and performing at optimum is the goal of chiropractic.

As chiropractors we access the nervous system through the spinal column. We make sure that the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, are communicating freely with your organs, limbs and senses. We allow the body to recognize areas that it may have forgotten about, and restore it back to full communication.

Traditional chiropractic has been characterized by the “crunch” or “crack” that is associated with the release of gas from the joint capsule, like “popping” your knuckles. There are different approaches to chiropractic, and less noisy ways to approach the nervous system. Touch can be significantly varied and its impact substantial.

When you see the body as a whole, the magnificent dynamics of cellular growth and development, the brilliance of the interconnected network of communication between all cells becomes apparent. Though they may appear to be separate from one another, all cells in the body are connected to one another. Keeping that in mind, your nervous system is capable of recognizing a broad array of types of touch, physical input, from the weight of the shirt (that your just noticing because I just mentioned it) or pressure of a hug from a loved one. The shirt and the hug are much different. The shirt is an inanimate object that just happens to sit on your body. The hug imbues you with a sense of love, joy, care, and vitality because of the hormone release that accompanies the embrace. The nervous system is responsible for it all. Maintaining clear channels of communication throughout the nervous system is crucial for growth, development and adaptation in all stages of life, from infancy though ascension. The human body, your body, is a dynamic intelligent system capable magnificent things when given the opportunity.


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