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Family Chiropractic Care

Family Chiropractic care is essential for the the growth, development, healing, and thriving of the entire family. Have you ever gone to meet a new litter of puppies? Well, if you haven’t you should definitively place that on your bucket list, immediately. The anticipation of arrival of meeting the puppies is always a great feeling. There are butterflies in your stomach due to the joyous anticipation of the absolute cuteness on the horizon. You begin to hear the little chorus of whines, chirps, howls and  attempted  barks. When you approach the pups they’re all vying for attention, tumbling, and swarming near your arms begging to be picked up. There is always the one pup that is the instigator, the "trouble-maker." When that one pup is removed from the litter, the rest of the puppies begin to calm.  That one hyped up pup is creating unrest (causing the rest of the pups to be all wound up.)  A single factor can be contributing to the systematic break down of the group. Sounds a little dramatic but, the shifts don’t need to be monumental to have an effect on the entirety of the family.

     You may have heard us discuss how “your biography becomes your biology.” If we are in a family unit where one of its members is struggling with processing daily stresses whether they are physical, chemical or mental/emotional, the entire family is affected. Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system to make sure that the brain is fully connected and communicating with the rest of the body. It controls every thought, movement, emotion and hormone secretion that occurs 24 hours of the day. Getting adjusted makes sure that the nervous system and all the other systems of the body are working the way they should without any hiccups. 

     Truth be told, the whole is the priority. We want you to take those long walks through the park, we want a coherent nights sleep where you wake well rested, we want you to get down on the floor and play and most importantly we want you to enjoy all the facets of life.  We want you ALL to thrive together. 


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