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Intentionality Creates Beauty

Every snowflake is unique. Each pattern is created by differences in moisture, wind patterns, and vapor it may encounter as it falls through the sky. Just like a snowflake has its own journey through the sky, we too have a unique journey predicated on our interactions with other beings, our environment, and our own thoughts which lead to our unique human expression.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, used unique snowflake patterns to conduct research on how water holds consciousness and how this may affect a human being. By using snowflakes, he was able to prove that altered thoughts and vibrations could actually shift the molecular structure of water. His work revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions can alter the physical realm supporting thousands of years of consciousness work on the internal realms of the mind and to the more recent modern cliche the “power of positive thinking.” Dr. Emoto completed his research by exposing water to varying degrees of Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. Dr. David R. Hawkins created the scale of consciousness using muscle testing and conducted more than 250,000 calibrations to define a range of values, attitudes, and emotions that correspond to levels of consciousness. The lowest energetically on the scale is shame, and the highest is peace. Associated with each range on the scale (from 0-1,000) is a corresponding emotion (shame, anger, trust, understanding, peace etc), psychological response (inertia, hyper-activity, peak performance, and extraordinary outcomes), and physical manifestation (Sickness, good health, vitality). Dr. Emoto’s experiments consisted of verbalizing highly calibrated words (such as “love”, “beautiful”, “Thank you”, and “Amazing”), versus Negative words (“Hate”, “Ugly”, “terrible”), or classical music, versus rock music. He took thousands of high speed photographs of water crystals that showed astounding crystalline patterns that differed based on what the water was exposed to. Just as the high conscious words revealed symmetrical shapes, lower vibrational words and music create dissonance. Overtime, this dissonance can cause dis-ease and altered function due to the changed structure. Upgrading our level of consciousness by being self-aware of our emotional state, belief systems and thought constructs can alter and shape our intentions, and by shaping intentions, reality begins to change at the molecular level.

Dr. Emoto discovered that the frozen crystals were dramatically different predicated on the vibrational energy and intentionality that was placed on the fluid water prior to the freezing process. When the gentle words or classical music was played, the molecules froze into pleasant symmetrical snowflake type shapes. When the negative words and harsh music played, the molecules froze into asymmetrical, jagged, stringy shapes. Even rancid water froze into beautiful snowflakes after being prayed over and blessed for an hour.

Dr. Emoto’s research found that speaking, praying and meditating affected the frozen fractals of water crystals, thus proving that words and emotions are vibrational energy. Keeping this concepto in mind, the late Pasquale Cerasoli often stated that “thoughts are things.” The vibration of words uttered and the thought construct are alone enough to affect the molecular structure of the water in our body. As our body is 70% water, the vibrations that we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on the molecular structures. By being attentive and observant (without judgment) to personal emotions, beliefs, and thoughts, the ability to change our reality becomes possible. The amazing thing that was discovered is that the intention behind a word has just as much of an influence as what is actually verbalized. From the delicately intricate shapes of snowflakes to awakening joy in a stranger, intentionality in interactions, even just in passing, deeply affects not only you, but those around you. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Our intention creates our reality”.

Humans are in fact, not the only ones with consciousness. Consciousness can be defined as self awareness of emotions, beliefs, thoughts. Masaru Emoto’s research pushes the boundaries making some implications that water may actually be a conscious being on its own. Pioneering scientific research on the effect positive intention and words can have on living beings, and our molecular properties.

His research has profound application: If a few molecules in a laboratory setting reacted to kind versus rash stimuli, then the water majority earth and the water that is held within the human body are strongly influenced by higher vibrational words. Even brief interactions, if done with intentional kindness, patience, and with calm words, can molecularly alter someone into a more coherent person! Imagine if everyone was intentionally kind and could affect the world from the inside out!


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