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My Chiropractic Story: Dr. Erin


My journey began when I was 9 years old.  As a competitive gymnast my list of injuries was lengthy, but the propensity of my hyperextending elbows caught the attention of a few onlooking mothers and I was referred to their chiropractor.  At this point in my gymnastics career, surgery was on the line as the pain has gotten to be unbearable. Although I first began going to the chiropractor for my orthopedic ailment, I got so much more.  I learned about the body’s innate ability to grow and heal, overcoming destruction, infection and stress.  I was empowered to trust in my body’s wisdom and I learned at a young age that there is a life force inside each and every one of us that allows us to express life. My chiropractor taught me that if there is a neurological obstruction to this life force then the body cannot express life to the fullest. At 9 years old I went to the chiropractor looking for pain relief and left with an education and new view on the body.

I always knew that I wanted to work with children.

“ I enjoy their thirst for knowledge, their curiosity, wisdom and the truths that they speak.”

 I have always been drawn to jobs that involved being around children. To continue my vocation, I decided I wanted to become an early childhood educator.  Growing up, I was told that teaching occurred in a classroom. By the time I was 13, I realized that there is a crucial education that is not being taught in school, the knowledge about the body.  Not just anatomy, but trusting, using, moving, feeling, and listening to one’s body.  At this point I knew that I was going to be a teacher, a chiropractor.  This meant I would teach outside of a traditional classroom, or for that matter, my classroom is wherever I am. The word doctor means teacher, and that is just what I plan on doing!  Teaching hundreds of moms, children and families about health, healing and well-being. Empowering them to take control of their health. Reconnecting them with their bodies so their mind, body and soul can work together as one unit rather than individual parts. Many experiences have all lead me to this path.  I have now realized the symbiosis that I have with my clients, as I share what I know with them, they are continually teaching me lessons each and every day.



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