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Proper Preparation for the Perfect Pregnancy

Not only is chiropractic safe for all ages but it essential for the pregnant woman! The woman’s spine and pelvis undergo significant changes that are caused by the growing baby. The woman’s nervous system is now controlling and nurturing the life of two beings. Shifts in the spine and pelvis occur as the body accommodates, putting the nervous system at risk for interference.

     Chiropractors are known to be back doctors but what many do not realize is that chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. A chiropractic adjustment conne

cts the brain with the body, removing neurological interferences. A nervous system free from interference can grow and develop as it is designed to do.  Though mom is of childbearing  years, her nervous system is still growing and adapting to the changes that occur during pregnancy.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has become more mainstream as more women are adding chiropractors to their maternity care team. Chiropractic supports the woman as her body goes through the physical, physiological and emotional changes that occur during the stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

     As the baby continues to grow, more stress is placed on the mother’s pelvis and lumbar spine. Webster Technique, developed by Dr. Larry Webster, is a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant women that addresses shifts of the pelvis in order to restore normal biomechanics, allowing for a healthy pregnancy and birth. The woman’s pelvis contains several ligaments that attach the uterus to the pelvis. Releasing the tension within these ligaments will allow the uterus expand with baby while maintaining the space in the pelvis which is necessary for for a normal vaginal delivery. Regular chiropractic adjustments through pregnancy prepares the woman’s body for the altering biomechanics, allows baby to be in the optimal position for a natural delivery, maintains pelvic space so the uterus may expand with baby and the release neurological interferences to allow for the full expression of life.

The stressors on the pelvis and lumbar spine do not end after giving birth. Once baby is born, mom spends countless hours sitting while breastfeeding, leaning over baby and holding baby who is continually growing and developing.  The effects of the initial stages of child development in the womb is just the beginning of the effects that a baby has on his/her mother’s body.

     Relaxin is a hormone that is excreted by a pregnant woman to relax the ligaments in the pelvis preparing the body for childbirth. This hormone serves the purpose of allowing the pelvis to open.  Relaxin remains in the body for up to 5-6 months after birth. Once relaxin is no longer being released, the ligaments resume a normal level of tone whereby, any malposition of vertebra and/or the pelvis will become noticeable.  This means that the pelvic and lumbar regions no longer have the elasticity to move that they had months prior. As physical, emotional and physiological changes are occurring at a rapid rate during pregnancy and childrearing, it is important to provide mom with support to allow the body to best adapt.

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