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An Environment for Healing

By now, you probably realize that Flower of Life isn't like just a typical chiropractor. We work to create an optimal environment for your healing and health journey. Here are just a few things you may see us use or that are in the office for you and your family! 

Why do we adjust in a group? 

So you can do more healing! Group healing is an ancient practice, knowing that we can learn and grow more together as a group. All matter has a vibration. All experiences have a vibration and these vibrations and tones can get stored in the body (as tonal shifts/ tension). As a person on the table works on part of their body, your body releases similar tension patterns simultaneously. ie: when a guitar string is plucked on one guitar then the adjacent guitar’s string will begin to vibrate at the same note. We can also learn from one another energetically. We all emit an electromagnetic field.  As our fields interact, we resonate with one another and our bodies can learn from one another. You may have experienced this interaction as you are waiting for a loved one at a large gathering. Your body may sense them prior to physically seeing them. 

The other benefit is that you may have a question that you have not thought to ask. Another member can ask this question and you can overhear the answer at an appropriate time for you to hear it. 

Why do you switch between doctors? We recognize that each person who walks through our doors resonates with each of us in a different way. Some days, you may need one doctor versus the other or both of us! Sometimes your body's energy calls for different doctors and can show us different things.  We each have our strengths and so in order to provide you with the best care, we strive to give you the doctor who can provide you with the best adjustment that day for your body. 

What is the “Clicker”?

Fondly referred to as the “Clicker”, the Activator is an adjustment tool that is commonly used. The activator is a spring loaded adjusting tool that delivers a highly precise quick, low-force impulse at specific points. In the office we use it on bones allowing them to go back into alignment and restore proper movement, and on muscles allowing them to relax out and stop contracting. The Activator is popular for its reliability and results. An initial pressure is followed by a quick thrust from the device, which feels much like having a reflex tested on your knee. It is a tool that can safely be used on people of all ages.

What is the headpiece you use on toddlers and infants?

The Infant Toggle Headpiece  or “pillow” was developed in the 1980's by Dr. Larry Webster as a method to create a gentle adjustive technique for the upper neck region of an infant and toddler-age patients. The pediatric headpiece provides low force adjustments while a child is held in the doctor's or parent's arms, utilizing gravity and/ or specific tension determined by the knob. We find that infants and toddlers look forward to this form of an adjustment.  What do the blocks do? The blocks are wedges that are placed in specific directions and locations to lift up the pelvis and allow it to float. While it is held in position, the sacrum is able to establish the correct alignment. Depending on the orientation and direction of the wedge, the application can create distraction in the lumbar spine, float the pelvis so the sacrum can come to a appropriate alignment between the ilia or create a compressive force in the SI joint to squeeze out inflammation which can be the cause of pain or discomfort. 

I can feel something happening, what is the light touch?

The light touch is an adjustment. We are contacting access points within the body’s connective tissue to allow the tonal shifts, or internalized tension, to release and let go. Overtime, your body accumulates tension as you encounter daily stresses, a combination of physical, chemical, and mental/ emotional.  This stress can cause your spine to shift or misalign and it can also get anchored in the soft tissue which causes your body to be inflexible and stiff. The different tissue in your body have different densities which need differing contacts and levels of pressure to release fully. We utilize breath and awareness allowing your body and brain  to reconnect, return to a state of ease, and adapt appropriately to any new stress that comes your way. What do you diffuse in the office?

We use “Silver Mist” which is a combination of colloidal silver and essential oils such as sage, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and several others. This combination boosts immunity, boosts focus, promotes blood circulation, and relieves stress. If you would like more information about essential oils, click here. We also quite often burn sage in the office to expel negative energy to keep the office as a fresh and safe place for you and your family to be in. 


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