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Pediatric Chiropractic

You'll often see newborns or kids being adjusted in our office; We love our youngest members and helping them on their way to grow into their fullest potential! Here are a couple answers to common questions we get asked about our pediatric chiropractic care:

Why are you a chiropractor?

For the babies! Yes, I love my full-sized humans, but I really like working with the babies. They are the purest expression of love and joy. Releasing the bit of stress or tension out of their body has a profound impact on their ability to feed, sleep, digest food, grow, and interact with those around them. With them, anything is possible and I do not know how far reaching that impression/ adjustment that I make may be for them, for their family, even for the world!

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is much bigger than relieving neck and back pain (although it is a great consolation prize). Chiropractic is about unleashing the expression of life in every human so they can be the best version of themself. Big goals, right? Every experience, physical, biochemical, or physiological distress, is perceived by our nervous system (the master control system of the entire body) and it can get stored in the body causing dissonance to the system if it goes unintegrated or unprocessed. This dissonance is called a subluxation. A subluxation is a condition of a vertebra which has lost its proper juxtaposition to the one above or below or both, which interferes with transmission of the mental impulse. The intention of the adjustment is to release the obstructions to the nervous system in order to allow a better expression of your body's innate intelligence and, subsequently promote overall wellness.

Why do babies go to a Chiropractor?

A person’s first subluxation (or misalignment) often occurs at birth. The body can shift quite often during birth. Babies are born with big heads with very little neck muscles. This area experiences trauma during birth that can shift the cranium and top bone of the spine. 90% of healthy infants are born with a cranial or atlas subluxation (misalignment). This interference to the nervous system may present as a head preference, feeding issues, overall body tension, poor sleep patterns, digestive issues (reflux, constipation, etc) , colic, torticollis, and flat head (plagiocephaly). These are the first signs or symptoms that the body and nervous system are in a heightened state of stress.

When can a child receive their first adjustment?

An infant can get adjusted right after birth, and this is the best time to check their nervous system to allow them to grow and developing free from any restriction.

Why is an adjustment important?

There doesn’t need to be anything “wrong” or a symptom to get adjusted. An adjustment allows the body to function, process, grow and express to its fullest potential. Our goal is to create a tribe of super kiddos that excel in all that they do. Releasing any stress to the nervous system is like lifting the veil over their eyes so they can see the world more clearly and react to it. Many parents find that when their child gets adjusted they sleep longer and better, have improved digestion, improved mood regulation, improved concentration / neuro-sensory processing, and improved motor coordination and performance!

What does a Pediatric Adjustment look like?

An infant adjustment is much different than what you may think of when you picture a chiropractic adjustment. There is NO twisting, NO popping, and NO cracking! The adjustment is specific and incredibly gentle as many baby’s will often fall asleep during their adjustment. The adjustment comprises of a light fingertip touch that contacts specific access points within the nervous system that allows the body to release stored tension and return to a state of ease.

Is it too late for my child to get their first adjustment?

It is never “too late” to receive an adjustment. We do not limit the body’s ability to heal and thrive, it often astonishes us!

I'm not in your area, how can I find a pediatric Chiropractor?

The easiest way to get connected to a pediatric certified chiropractor in your area is to visit the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and search their referral directory.


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