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Simplicity Is Key!

We have become a society that loves complicated. The more complicated the recipe, the better the food must taste, similarly the more complicated our condition  the “smarter” our care provider. The truth is, health is not complicated. Health is simple. Eat your fruits and veggies, exercise, drink water, smile a lot, hug a lot, tell people you love them, and do what makes you happy. However, that is not a silver bullet, these are generally recommendations that become disregard as “life happens." The simplicity of health of the human body comes down to a few core tenants. 

1. The nervous system is the master system of the body. It controls every muscle, tissue, organ and cell carrying out every function that you perform on a daily basis, all that is conscious and unconscious. Having a nervous system that is free from interference allows you to learn, grow, develop and evolve at optimum.

2. Think, say, feel and do things that are good for your mind, body and soul. Thoughts and emotions play are a critical factor in our health and well-being. Doing things that we enjoy gives us purpose in life and increases our happiness. Keep your body free from negative thoughts, physical traumas and toxins as Poison comes in all forms, most frequently we administer them to ourselves. These poisons, if not processed by the body, build up in the body as tension that ultimately becomes symptoms.

3. Your soul doesn’t just become active once you leave this body, it is on a continual journey. Sow the seeds of a healthy soul in the fertility of now (present moment). Actively participating in the day, and appreciating the majesty of each gift we are presented from the macro to microscopic. Acknowledging the beauty of the simplicity of life allows us to interact with one another from a consciousness of love. Living in the present moment allows for an appreciation of each morse of food, each strangers smile, the feel of the sponge in your hand, the warmth of the sun, the wetness of rain, and the list is infinite. Each moment is a gift and an opportunity to give love, receive love, and give gratitude.

Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. If the master system is free from interference then all else is possible. That way the subtle substance of life can emanate through every cell and tissue, expressing every motion and emotion thus allowing you to live life at optimum. The nervous system never makes mistakes, it is perfect in every response that it makes; it adapts perfectly to each stimuli. Some stimuli to the nervous system,  life experiences, can exceed the ability to adapt. A dog will never respond to the “sit” command if he/she is not trained. Similarly, proper growth, development, and training of the nervous system is critical for lifelong ability to adapt to stimuli.  If the body can not adapt to a stimuli, the experience is as stored in the body’s tissues as potential energy, stagnant energy. Through the chiropractic adjustment, the body-mind communication is connected and strengthened. The adjustment allows these stored experiences to convert to kinetic energy and ripple through the body, training the body with skills needed to adapt to life experiences in the future.  Through the simplicity of the chiropractic adjustment, we are able to remove the interference in the nervous system, release the stored potential energy, thus allowing the body to heal, grow and adapt so that you can live the life you love.


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