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8 Powerful Full Moon Rituals

The full moon energy is the time of the energetic peak. It is the perfect time to cleanse both physically and emotionally. We use this time to LET IT ALL GO! This is also a great time to amp up your spiritual practices. For us, it is a great reminder to reconnect to our self. This routine aids us in heightening our intuition, connecting back to our life’s purpose, tuning in with nature and living life with more intentionality.

1. Get into Nature

Getting into nature allows your body to recalibrate to its natural rhythms. A full moon often makes people feel moody, brings up strong emotions and can leave you feeling fatigued, being in nature and grounding can help balance this energy.

2. Clean

The full moon is a great time for personal reflection of how we are feeling physically and mentally. Many times our physical space is a reflection of how we are feeling inside. A great practice is to clear out negative energy, get rid of clutter and items that are no longer bringing you joy, open the windows to let in fresh air, change the bed sheets and clean the house.

3. Gratitude

The practice of being grateful for what I already have builds the momentum for manifesting future wants. Write down accomplishments that you have had during this moon phase or year. What have you brought forth that you want to multiply?

4. Moon Water

Using the power of the moon to charge and energize water can allow you to carry on the Full Moon Power into the week. Fill up a mason jar of filtered water. Place it outside in direct moon light. Not only are you drinking supercharged water, the water also acts as a reminder to the intentions that you made.

5. Bath

Taking a bath allows you to wash away the dirt and negative energy. The bath provides you tie to relax, meditate and focus on your breath. You can amplify the power of your bath by adding moon water to your bath. Placing a mason jar of water outside in the moonlight for at least an hour will allow it to soak up the power of the moon. Adding it to the water of your bath will allow you to soak in the moon water.

6. Write Letter/ Intentions

The full moon is about completion of the cycle. Use this time to bring things to a close so you can make more space for new projects. It is also a great time to write down what you would like to release or remove- what is no longer serving you and driving you towards your best self. Once you have cleared space, you can write down your intentions. Evaluate your goals, do they still driving you towards your highest self?

7. Moonlight Hike

There is something so magical about a night hike/walk being led by the moonlight. The glow of the sky is so calming. I love doing a hike that is close to water. This is the point where I will release my intentions (see next ritual below on that). I find that the moon is most powerful when you can view it and the reflection off of the water. PS- Don’t hike Blood Mountain by Moonlight. Ask the Drs. about that hike!

8. Burn

We use burning in a few ways for our full moon ceremony. We often will smudge on a full moon to help clear out negative energy. Smudging is a ceremony of burning plant resins and herbs to clear away negative energy, and to invoke peace for individuals and the environment. We often will clear ourselves of thoughts or feelings that no longer serve our highest good. Our favorite plants to burn are Sage (offers clarity, vision, strength, wisdom and known as medicine for women), Palo Santo (grounding and clearing energy), Cedar ( used to heighten positive energy, uplift feelings and evoke positive emotions) and Sweetgrass (it is said that prayers said while sweetgrass is burned will rise up to the world of spirit to be seen, heard and remembered). Another way we incorporate burning into our Full Moon Ritual is we burn our written intentions in order to release them.


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